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The NYPD’s Asinine Search Policy: A Bogus Christmas Gift

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The young police officer was direct when I caught his eye as I approached the entrance to the subway station: “Sir! I need to search your bag!”

It caught me off guard because the only thing on my mind was making it from Rockefeller Center to points south to finish my Christmas shopping. But I paused, realizing that this was one of the NYPD’s many “safety” tactics designed to keep us protected from terrorism.

However, I felt it was a violation of my Fourth Amendment rights, so I calmly replied: “No disrespect, officer, but I do not consent to any searches.”

Saying no must have been the ultimate insult to this cop because without missing a beat he ordered me out of the subway as his partners began to approach me, ready for a public incident.

He told me that if I refused the search, as the nearby sign said I had the right to, then I had to exit the station…which the sign somehow neglected to mention.

He peered into my face, making sure he could make a visual description, in case something happened, and ordered me out again. Reluctant to walk out into the rainy evening, I made my way toward the stairs and took out my cellphone to make a call. A female officer approached me to loudly shoo me away like a stray dog. I didn’t argue. I left.

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Written by Madison J. Gray

May 12, 2017 at 2:30 pm